Driving license for car - English

We offer right now that you can take your driving license at a favorable price at GoDrive.DK without compromising on the quality of teaching.

Payment in 3 rates: 5000 kr. at start, 5000 kr. halfway through the course and the rest before the theory test.

Law package incl. first aid and rental of school car for 1st driving test:

29 theory lessons
4.350,00 kr.
16 practical driving lessons on the road
8.800,00 kr.
4 lessons on a maneuvering course
1.200,00 kr.
4 lessons on a technical driving course
1.800,00 kr.
Traffic-related first aid (8 hours) 650,00 kr.
Rental of school car for the 1st driving test 550,00 kr.
List price, total 17.350,00 kr.
Package discount
The discount is only obtained by completing the full law package at GoDrive.DK.
-1.355,00 kr.
Your price
The price is incl. rental of school car for 1st driving test and VAT.
15.995,00 kr.


Expenses in addition to the law package:

Medical certificate
about 500,00 kr.
Test fee to the Danish Transport Authority:
1.000,00 kr.
about 650,00 kr.


Extra lessons:

Theory lesson
0,00 kr.
Practical driving lesson
A lesson has a duration of 45 minutes.
550,00 kr.
Rental of school car for the driving test
550,00 kr.